About us

How it all began/our history
Incomef®, short for Indústria de Componentes Mecânicos de Freixieiro Lda, was founded in 1998 in Matosinhos. At the beginning, with a smaller team, but specialised in both design and production, they manufactured smaller-sized industrial lifting and cargo handling machines.

As the company evolved, in 2008 Incomef moved to the Zona Industrial da Maia where it remains today, to a pavilion with about 2 500m2 of covered area. In order to meet client expectations and market demands, Incomef has over the years distinguished itself by adapting to new projects and challenges presented by clients. It was through its great engineering and production capacity that Incomef was taking small steps towards internationalisation. With this came the need to become certified, not only due to the demands of international clients, but also with the aim of differentiating itself from the competition by delivering more value to the client. In 2014, Incomef became ISO 9001 certified. Subsequently, came also the implementation of welding procedures for the certification of the technicians.

After 22 years of existence, the company decides to invest in the creation of a new business area with specialised teams in areas such as R&D, Design, Automation/Robotics and Artificial Vision. Incomef then changed its name to Incomef Engineering® with the integrated option of industrial solutions in various sectors.

Today, Incomef exports 80% of its projects, which are large-scale and often designed from scratch to meet specific customer requirements. Incomef also has an After Sales team for installation and maintenance of industrial machinery in Maia and Lisbon in order to cover the whole national territory.
Our clients are located in the following countries:
We are the partner you are looking for
Let our experienced and innovative team make a difference in your company. We are here to help you combat needs and solve problems. Incomef Engineering has evolved into an innovator in the global industrial equipment industry.

Why Us?
We are your best option to design and manufacture your custom industrial equipment. We have increasingly come to understand the importance of compatibility between new equipment and existing processes. With technology and a great engineering team behind our projects, Incomef drives the future of manufacturing, assembly and maintenance facilities in various industries.

We have carried out numerous projects with different objectives and functions, from equipment for aeronautics, railways, automobiles, energy, entertainment, industry, etc. We have made mistakes over the years that today allow us to discover the best solutions to make us a better company, better prepared for the challenges that our clients propose.
Our history

  1. INCOMEF - Indústria de Componentes Mecânicos de Freixieiro, Lda. was founded in the city of Matosinhos, with highly specialised technicians in the various areas, both in design and production.
  2. INCOMEF, taking into account the frank expansion of the sector and of the organization itself, changes installations to the Industrial Zone of Maia, thus passing to a covered area of more than 2500m2.
  3. INCOMEF begins its ISO 9001 certification process (completed in January 2015 and renewed in 2018), as well as implementing welding procedures to certify its technicians in this area.
  4. INCOMEF invests in a new business area and INCOMEF ENGINEERING is born, dedicated to R&D, Design, Automation / Robotics and Artificial Vision. Thus, INCOMEF reinforces its position in the market. Keeping its DNA, it offers INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS tailor-made for several industrial sectors.

At INCOMEF Engineering, the formula for success is Humility, Commitment and Teamwork. We are committed to trusting relationships to achieve excellence, quality and customer satisfaction.

Marco Silva
CEO Incomef Engineering
Quality policy

Incomef Engineering® is committed to ensuring compliance with legal requirements, customer requirements and requirements of the Quality Management System, working daily in order to achieve the overall objectives of the company and continuous improvement in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001:2015.

It aims to be a reference in the market, satisfying the requirements of the interested parties, following the following principles:
• Innovation, development and quality of its products;
• Attraction, satisfaction and loyalty of customers;
• Commitment to qualified human resources and continuous training of its employees;
• Increasing the efficiency of the processes and progressive success of the organisation.
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